Creative Sound BlasterX H5


The Creative Sound BlasterX H5 is a no-frills, performance-oriented gaming headset that delivers, in terms of both comfort and sound.

But gamers who are looking for a more luxurious, feature-packed experience may want to explore other options.

The Sound BlasterX H5 is the analog, pared-down variant of the Sound BlasterX H7. It ships without the H7's surround sound, USB connectivity and back-lit ear cups.

The omission of on-board virtual surround sound is a glaring one, compared with other similarly priced headsets.


  • PRICE: $199


    DRIVER TYPE: 50mm FullSpectrum

    FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20Hz to 20,000Hz

    WEIGHT: 260g


  • FEATURES: 3/5

    DESIGN: 4/5


    VALUE: 3/5

    OVERALL: 4/5

However, the downloadable BlasterX Acoustic Engine Lite software allows gamers to toggle between preset equaliser modes for different genres of games such as first-person shooter and real- time strategy.

The fit is surprisingly relaxed, and it sits well with very little pressure on the head or ears. The oversized ear cups are lined with incredibly soft leatherette-covered padding, and the headband is cushioned by a thick layer of foam.

At 260g, the H5 falls firmly into the flyweight category for a gaming headset, and will definitely be able to last through long gaming sessions without it feeling like a burden.

But perhaps, because of this loose fit and the lack of noise-cancellation, I found myself overhearing conversations around me despite the H5 being closed-back headphones. My sound volume was turned up relatively high, too.

The overall sound profile of the headset is reasonably well-balanced, with a nice handling of the bass and mids, even when I cranked up the volume.

The H5 is also good on clarity, with nice clear details coming through when listening to classical music.

However, I did find that, on the very high notes, the sound had a tendency to become a little off-puttingly shrill and sharp.

Lisabel Ting

  • Verdict: A pair of light,comfortable headphones that is big on performance but lacks features.
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