Ask Jess about Jetstar's airfares

Jess will apologise if you scold it for being stupid.
Jess will apologise if you scold it for being stupid.PHOTO: JETSTAR ASIA


Jess is a virtual assistant that answers questions related to Jetstar's fares and services. It is powered by technology from Nuance Communications, known for its speech-recognition software.

The virtual assistant is found on the Jetstar website, though Jess is not available for the mobile version. However, the chatbot is also on Jetstar's Facebook page.

The chat box on Jetstar's website is limited to a few lines and cannot be resized, which leads to an excessive amount of scrolling.

Jess takes a couple of seconds to answer each question. It will ask you to repeat the query in a different way if it does not understand your request.

Scold Jess for being stupid and it will apologise. It will also offer to contact a human representative. You can request to speak to a human being at any time.

I tried asking a very specific question, such as the cheapest fare to a destination, but Jess only returns a link to Jetstar's Deals page, along with some tips on getting the best deal.

Vincent Chang

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