Apple to raise prices of apps in 7 countries, including Singapore, due to exchange rates

Apps shown in an Apple iPhone.
Apps shown in an Apple iPhone. PHOTO: AFP

SINGAPORE - Apple will raise the prices of its paid apps and in-app purchases in seven countries, including Singapore, according to a document released by the tech giant.

The document, which details the price changes, shows that the price of the cheapest paid app in the App Store will go up to S$1.48 - a 20-cent increase from the current S$1.28.

Prices of apps in the Singapore App Store were first displayed in Singapore dollars instead of US dollars back in June 2012. 

Canada, Israel, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa are the other countries affected by the price change.

Technology news site The Next Web reported early Tuesday (Jan 19) morning that the changes will take effect within the next 72 hours.


The report said that the increase in prices was due to "large fluctuations" in exchange rates.

Singapore users, along with those in Canada, New Zealand and Mexico, will be informed of the changes via e-mail, according to The Next Web's screengrab of an e-mail sent to iTunes developers.

Customers with in-app subscriptions will have the option to cancel their subscription shortly before their existing subscription renews. 

Russian and South African users will need to manually resubscribe at the new price.

View the price changes here