SWEET TWEET "Everyone can be an engineer. Even at home! #BuildYourC39 @kimimatiasraikkonen." The Finnish F1 driver putting on a rare show of emotion, proud of his handiwork, a creative impression of the Alfa Romeo C39 race car.
CAUGHT ON CAMERA "The coolest race in town @redbullau" There's no more Australian GP, but Max Verstappen and Alex Albon already had their ice box race, hosted by snowboarder Scotty James. WATCH:
THROWBACK "Tennis showed me the world and it showed me what I was made of. It's how I tested myself and how I measured my growth. Tennis - I'm saying goodbye" Maria Sharapova hung up her tennis racket with a peek of her younger self on the court.
SWEET TWEET "Turning 33 is pretty good when you're as lucky as me to have this amount of love in my life." Retired Singapore para swimmer Theresa Goh purring over her cake and the love she gets.
HOT SHOT "#UCL | #PepsiCanBalance" Messi magic or malarkey? The Barcelona legend Lionel starts another challenge. WATCH:
SWEET TWEET "Paris was LIT! What a night @k.mbappe X #PSGWoah" Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brother Thanasis get their moves on with PSG's hotshot during the Bucks' NBA game in Paris.