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Nature dazzles in all its glory in Iceland, land of fire and ice

The Nordic country offers natural splendours such as the Northern Lights, waterfalls and geysers

Floating over Bhutan, in a hot-air balloon

It is dawn in a remote and majestic valley in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan.

10 beautiful spas around the world

In a verdant 6ha valley, amid towering 280 million-year-old limestone hills, The Banjaran Hotsprings Retreat is nestled among natural caves, waterfalls and, best of all, rejuvenating geothermal hot springs.

Wine, dine and sail in New Zealand

The food in New Zealand, in my mind, had been restricted to mainly lamb and seafood, seeing how sheep farming is such a huge industry there and the seas around its islands are teeming with marine life.


Family brew: Experiencing sake in Japan

There is no better way to experience sake than in its motherland, Japan.

Foodie chefs share their travel plans

IGNATIUS CHAN, 52, owner of Iggy's at The Hilton Hotel. The restaurant is ranked No. 18 on the Asia's 50 Best Restaurants list 2015


Pre-war shophouses get modern makeover while retaining charm

The shophouse, a reminder of architecture past, is a common sight in neighbourhoods such as Joo Chiat, Emerald Hill and Tanjong Pagar.

Chic abodes: Two stylish women open up their homes

Always one to make a fashion statement, socialite Susanna Kang is not afraid of being bold when it comes to dressing up.

Surrounded by art in Cindy Chua-Tay's New York home

With its white, curvilinear walls and sloping facade, the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Guggenheim Museum occupies a special place in New York City's cultural landscape.


Mrs Fiona Treadwell uses succulents, herbs and fruit in her arrangements. Old-timer Floral Magic is now helmed by two generations and has gone the indie route. (From left) Ms Patricia Low, Ms Joanna Teo, Ms Linnette Lau, Ms Josephine Lau and Ms Lucy
Couture blooms: Indie florists offering exotic blooms

The florist business in Singapore is undergoing a glamorous makeover. Independent boutiques, which tout themselves as couture or edgy, are popping up around Singapore.

Foraging in Singapore: Field to table

Picking and eating plants growing in the wild may seem primitive to city dwellers in Singapore, but that is slowly changing, thanks to a global food trend that is catching on here.

Childhood dream of piloting plane realised

Businessman Gregory Ang, 55, says it was his childhood dream to learn how to pilot an aircraft. But he fulfilled this aspiration only 10 years ago.

Art collectors: Singapore is the place to be

In recent years, Singapore's visual arts scene has seen a transformation not just in terms of the quality and range of exhibitions, but also in the globally mobile, younger collectors joining the ranks of more established ones.

The Chinese billionaire couple who started their own museum

China, with one of the world's largest number of billionaires, is where you will find crazy rich Asians. They live in plush mansions, travel on private jets and dress in luxury labels from head to toe; their lavish lifestyle is rich fodder for gossip columns.


Stylish soles: When it rains, he walks barefoot

At last count, Mr Arthur Agraviador, a relationship manager in the finance industry, owns about 60 pairs of shoes - a number far higher than what his wife has.

Sparkly heels: Designer shoes with jewel details

This story was first published in the May issue of The Life e-magazine. Download The Life for 360-degree views of the shoes

Dick Lee on turning 60 and ageing gracefully

It is just past 3pm on a sunny Monday afternoon and composer and performer Dick Lee is getting ready to be photographed.