About The Big Quiz

On Mondays, for 12 weeks from April 1 to Aug 5, this paper's journalists will address burning questions in the Opinion section, offering unique Singaporean perspectives on complex issues.

The primers are part of the outreach of The Straits Times-Ministry of Education National Current Affairs Quiz, or The Big Quiz, which aims to promote an understanding of local and global issues among pre-university students.

The primers will broach contemporary issues, such as the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs and the workplace, and how fast fashion is affecting the environment.

They also include the issue of fake news and the legislation against misinformation and disinformation, and an examination of why national borders are still important in today’s globalised world.

Each primer topic will give a local perspective to help students draw links back to the issues' implications for Singaporeans.

For the second year, The Big Quiz will be online, allowing all pre-university students to take part in the current affairs competition over three online quiz rounds on April 15, May 13 and July 29.

The online quizzes are based on the primer topics and will be available for two weeks from the start date of each quiz.

This nationwide event is jointly organised by The Straits Times and the Ministry of Education.

Students may attempt The Big Quiz Online at