It isn’t just Unesco that keeps a list. These are the newest entries in this year's National Heritage Board's own list

published: Feb 20, 2021

What's on Singapore's cultural heritage list?

1. Kway Chap

Originally from China's Chaoshan region, the hawker staple comprises broad sheets of rice noodles in soup and pork offal.

2. Malay drum making

The craft of making drums like the kompang, hadrah and gendang had died out here before a revival of the Malay cultural scene in the 1990s.

3. Flower garland making

Demand for garlands remain high, especially during Hindu religious festive periods but there are concerns about the craft with few young people picking it up.

4. Tempeh and tapai

Tempeh, made from fermented beans here, and tapai, fermented rice cakes, are unique to South-east Asia and widely used in Malay and Peranakan cuisines.

5. The Jewish Passover

Celebrated over eight days here, Passover is one of the most important festivals of the 2,500-strong Jewish community in Singapore.

6. Chinese signboard making

There have been fewer commissions in recent years for these boards - hung at temples, clan associations and more - and a lack of successors to continue the craft.

7. Yusheng and lohei

A lot of what Singaporeans now recognise as lohei came from four chefs from Lai Wah Restaurant who came up with a seven-coloured raw fish salad in 1964 and paired auspicious phrases with some of the ingredients.

8. Zapin dance

Zapin originated in Yemen and was introduced to the region in the 14th century. Dancers mimic the movement of animals and the natural world.

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