Timeout with... Angelito Tubiera Guloya


Close to 1,200 athletes from 10 South-east Asian nations are competing at the 8th Asean Para Games in Singapore.

Get to know the foreign athletes better as The Straits Times picks out one every day.

Today: Angelito Tubiera Guloya, bowling (Philippines).

Age: 61

Disability: Right leg amputee

Q Do you have a lucky charm?

A I don't have a lucky charm but my lucky charm is my ability to play and have the presence of our Lord.

Q Who is your favourite athlete and why?

A My favourite in bowling is Filipino Paeng Nepomuceno.

He is a six-time world champion and is in the Guinness World Records for the most bowling World Cup wins, being the youngest to win the Bowling World Cup at 19, and having the most bowling titles (130). I idolise him because he is very good at his sport and I want to be like him.

Q What is your impression of Singapore?

A This is my first time in Singapore and it's very nice. The people are very hospitable and the accommodation (at Marina Bay Sands) is very nice.

Q Why do you like bowling?

A I like the game because even if you're old, as long as you can throw the ball, you can play.

So there's no age requirement unlike other sports, where once you're old, you can't play.

Q What is the hardest part about bowling?

A When you hit a 7/10 split because they are so far apart. I have spared that maybe only about three times but I was lucky.

Q What is your favourite food back home?

A My favourite food is pork adobo because it is our delicacy. I ate it growing up, so it is good for me.

Q What do you want as a Christmas present?

A Christmas in the Philippines is a very happy occasion.

I drive a 1994 Mitsubishi and it always has problems.

I have to send it to the mechanic very often so I want a new car.

Q Who is your hero and why?

A My hero is my mother. She divorced my father when I was two and raised me and my five brothers and sisters by herself.

She has been taking care of me and even sent me to college.

She taught me how to depend on myself, strive and do things for myself and take care of my family.

Q If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

A I want to fly just like Superman...

I want to go to Europe and America because I've never been there.

We have competed only within Asia.

Q What is your favourite sporting moment of 2015?

A The title bout between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr because our country is put on the map because of Pacquiao.

Q What is your wish for the APG this year?

A I wish for the Philippines to be the overall champion.

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