Thomson Wellth clinic will cater to all

The Thomson Wellth clinic was launched at Pacific Plaza yesterday.

The 'Thomson Wellth' concept, coined by private healthcare group Thomson Medical, aims to deliver upstream healthcare products and services to patrons at any life stage.

The clinic aims to be a one-stop lifestyle clinic, expanding the group's services beyond its traditional focus on women and children to the rest of the family.

Thomson Medical CEO Dr Lam Kian Ming said the focus of Thomson Wellth "differentiates from the traditional way we approach healthcare, which is the episodic and curative treatment of illnesses".

He added: "We actually don't want our patrons to get to that stage, so we are looking at preventive wellness and health offerings to give advice to those who are not sick, and how to stay healthy.

"That's why we prefer to use the word 'patrons', instead of 'patients'."

The group also has plans to go into sports medicine, cardiology and mental health.

Another initiative is a loyalty programme, which will be introduced in the second quarter of the year. The programme will not only provide medical information to members, but also serve as a platform for the group to promote wellness and healthy living.

Said Dr Lam: "In time to come, it will enable our members to access their medical information and records.

"It will also allow them to track their health status measurements such as heart rate and blood pressure."

Nicole Chia

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