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Venus Williams

Tennis player Venus Williams tells The Straits Times what her favourite cheat meal is and which actress should portray her in a movie.
Tennis player Venus Williams
Tennis player Venus WilliamsPHOTO: AFP

Q Your dream doubles partner?

A I don't know, I think it'd be fun to play with Nick Kyrgios.

Q Name one shot you admire from any tennis player?

A Any tennis player... I think there are some awesome drop shots out there from Djokovic and Radwanska, I don't hit that shot very often.

Q Billie Jean has Emma Stone playing her in a movie, who would play you in a movie?

A Oh I don't know, I don't know. I really like Brandy the singer, she's a great actress and she loves tennis so maybe she could play me or Serena.

Q Who's the fastest player on tour?

A Fastest runner? Oh I don't know, tennis is not always about speed. Sometimes some people can cover the court and run so fast they just understand how to anticipate.

Q You've had a long career, if you could pick one, which is your favourite moment?

A All the moments, all the moments make the big moment, that's what it is.

Q Rule changes - if you could choose between shot clock, no let or no deuce, which would you pick?

A I would pick make the season shorter, that's the rule I would pick.

Q What's your perfect cheat meal?

A Doughnuts. I love doughnuts, cinnamon rolls.

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