On The Line with Raymond Gan

Q & A


The Straits Times speaks to the people who work away from centre court and behind the scenes to find out the quirky details of their jobs.

Today: Raymond Gan, a 41-year-old WTA Finals official driver from Singapore

Q How long is your day?

A I start at 8am and finish at about 9 or 10pm.

Q How many trips do you make in a day?

A On average, probably 12 to 15 trips easily. Mostly from the hotel to the two venues (Singapore Indoor Stadium and OCBC Arena).

Q What local food do you try to recommend?

A Chicken rice and chilli crab.

Q Favourite player?

A Simona Halep. I've been very lucky to have driven her around for the past three days.

Q Is there a song that the players like to listen to?

A Happy by Pharrell Williams. Some players want me to blast the music loud so that they can sing or hum along.

Q Most surprising question you've been asked?

A Both Simona and her coach Darren Cahill were asking me about the Certificate of Entitlement and were super surprised about the prices of cars here.

Q Most common question you've been asked?

A They stay at Marina Bay Sands so they look across and can see our Gardens by the Bay and always ask about it.

Q Any unusual detours?

A I've made a couple of trips to Queensway Shopping Centre to collect some restrung rackets for the players.

Q How long have you been doing this?

A I started driving part-time this year. I also worked at the SEA Games.

Q What do you in between trips?

A We chit-chat among ourselves while we wait. We go for our lunch and dinner breaks during this time as well.

Q Who's the highest-profile person you have driven around?

A At the SEA Games, I was the dedicated driver for the Sports Minister of the Philippines and, at this year's Singapore Grand Prix, I had Pharrell in my car.

Q What kind of music do you play in the car?

A Normally, I switch on the radio. For Simona, I know she likes Romanian songs so I play them for her. I downloaded all her favourite music and created a playlist on my phone.

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