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Caroline Garcia

French tennis player Caroline Garcia tells The Straits Times how the women's game is different from the men's.

Q Emma Stone plays Billie Jean King in her latest movie, who would you choose to play you in a movie?

A I like Shailene Woodley.

Q How do you think the women's game is better than the men's game?

A I think it's different, you cannot compare women's and men's. It's the same ball and the same net game but we obviously play a different game.

Because we are women we are less athletic and we cannot cover the court as the men do so I think it's a different game and there are good points on both sides.

Q Dream doubles partner?

A (Roger) Federer.

Q One shot you admire from any tennis player?

A I don't know.

Q Who's the fastest player on tour?

A Maybe (Elina) Svitolina or (Simona) Halep.

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