Courtside...: Q&A

Angelique Kerber

Angelique Kerber
Angelique Kerber

Q Greatest athlete in the world right now.

A There are a lot of great athletes... Roger (Federer).

Q A sport that is not tennis which you like to watch.

A I like to watch football especially in Germany, because it's really huge, so I'm really a big football fan. I like Bayern Munich, that's my favourite club.

Q Last movie that you made you cry.

A I'm watching right now Game Of Thrones, so there's not a lot to cry (laughs).

Q What sets Singapore apart from other host cities?

A It is a great city. Everybody is really nice here. You can do a lot of things - sightseeing, but you have also great places where you can go for dinner or just for coffee. It's great to be back in Singapore.

Q Do you think there should be on-court coaching for Grand Slams?

A If you are a good player, you can also play on your own.

Q Weirdest thing a fan has given you or asked you.

A I'm getting always nice presents, like some photo book or teddy bears. This is what I really like, I'm lucky.

Q One stroke you would like to steal from another player.

A I would say the serve from Serena (Williams), and the backhand from Roger maybe.

Q Biggest change in tennis in the last five years.

A How tennis has grown. It's much faster and you need to be more physical on court so you have to work really hard on your fitness.

Q One place you would recommend people to visit in your home country.

A There are nice cities. All cities are great, you can drive all over Germany.

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