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Swimming in the sink: An episode of the heart by Lynne Cox


Long-distance swimmer and elite athlete Lynne Cox holds open-water swimming records around the globe. Without a wetsuit or a cage, Cox swims in some of the coldest and most treacherous waters on Earth.

She's famed for being the first person to swim many waters, including the Cape of Good Hope, during which a shark headed straight for her with jaws wide open, before it was shot.

In her latest memoir, Cox chronicles how her deep grief following the deaths of her parents and her beloved Labrador retriever, and a traumatic diagnosis of arterial fibrillation precipitated a severe emotional crisis.

Cox shares the life-altering repercussions of her illness, as she is confronted with the stark options of death, a heart transplant, or life as an invalid. She shares how she eventually transcends her illness, and begins training again in open water.

A moving and absolutely inspiring read.

Author: Lynne Cox​
Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group, 2016

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