ST Star of the Month: Shayna Ng regains confidence after Asiad disappointment

While it is not always easy to deal with setbacks, Shayna Ng believes that the most important thing is not to give up. ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

SINGAPORE - In the months leading up to her claiming her second Professional Women's Bowling Assocation (PWBA) title, Shayna Ng frequently found herself questioning her ability.

An underwhelming campaign at the 2018 Asian Games in Indonesia that saw Singapore's women's bowling team relinquish their title knocked the confidence out of Ng.

The team consisting of Ng, Jazreel Tan, Joey Yeo, Bernice Lim and sisters Cherie and Daphne Tan finished seventh.

Recalling the disappointment, the 29-year-old said: "That took quite a bit out of us. The Asian Games only happens once in four years and we messed that up. It was really hard for all of us.

"I was questioning everything, going up to my coach and asking what's wrong with my game.

"My thoughts were everywhere. When you think like that there's a lot of negativity."

So winning the PWBA Sonoma County Open in California last month was self-assuring for Ng.

"I've been working hard on my game and trying to find myself again and now that I've won Sonoma, I'm happy but more than not, I'm very relieved that I still have the winning game," she said.

For her achievement, Ng is The Straits Times' Star of the Month for June. The award is an extension of ST's Athlete of the Year prize, which was launched in 2008. Both are backed by F&N's 100Plus.

Said ST sports editor Lee Yulin: "It takes more than talent to succeed consistently at a high level in sport and to bounce back from a major disappointment as Shayna did.

"Perspiration, patience and persistence are key, and Shayna has these attributes in spades.

"We are pleased to be able to honour her for her victory in California."

Winning her recent PWBA title required her to maintain her focus, blocking out the crowd and any distractions as she steered herself to a 259-237 victory over America's Missy Parkin in the final.

That was crucial for Ng, who said: "In bowling, it's just us against the lanes.

"I'm in charge of my own strikes and I can't control how my opponents bowl."

Managing the pressure of competing has been something that Ng has had to learn over the course of her playing career.

She first understood the importance of that back in 2012 when she won the AMF World Cup title and expectations to win every tournament were suddenly piled on her.

Now, she understands that disappointments are inevitable.

While it is not always easy to deal with setbacks, she believes that the most important thing is not to give up.

She said: "You just have to accept it but main thing is we are willing to get back up from where we fell.

"I think that is the key and with that spirit we can possibly go a long way."

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