ST Sports Talk Podcast: Will Liverpool or Man United offer a stiffer challenge to City next season?

In this episode of ST Sports Talk, Sazali speaks with Liverpool fan, Jonathan Roberts, and Man United fan, Deepanraj Ganesan about the Premier League season that just passed. PHOTO: REUTERS

ST Sports Talk Ep 131: Will Liverpool or Man United offer a stiffer challenge to City next season?

22:59 mins

Synopsis: ST Sports Talk is The Straits Times' monthly sports podcast.

In this episode, sports correspondent Sazali Abdul Aziz discusses with EMTM Video features editor Jonathan Roberts - a Liverpool fan - and ST sports reporter Deepanraj Ganesan - a Manchester United supporter - about what they learnt from the Premier League season just passed, and what we can expect on Aug 14, when the new season kicks off.

They discuss:

1. Were injuries the only reason for Liverpool's poor season? (1:48)

2. Are Man United really moving in the right direction? (5:55)

3. Could Harry Kane pitch up at Old Trafford? (12:27)

4. Their picks for best performer, goal and moment (14:52)

Produced by: Sazali Abdul Aziz ( and Penelope Lee

Edited by: Aleemah Basirah

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