ST Run: Only 9 slots left for May 5 Bounce Fit session

Bounce Fit is a 45-minute, total-body workout on trampolines that helps participants burn up to 900 calories per session.
Bounce Fit is a 45-minute, total-body workout on trampolines that helps participants burn up to 900 calories per session.PHOTO: BOUNCE SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - Slots for the May 5 Bounce Fit sessions - one of the build-up activities to the Sept 23 The Straits Times Run - are filling up fast.

Organisers say only nine of the 48 slots are left. The 9am and 7pm sessions are fully subscribed but there are nine slots available for the 6pm session.

Those who sign up for additional classes with Bounce Fit that day will also enjoy a discount. They will need to pay only $150 for 10 classes if they sign up on the spot. The regular price is $250.

Bounce Fit is a 45-minute rebounding class that sees participants engage in high-intensity exercises such as mountain climbers and high knees on the trampoline. Originating from Australia, it is a total-body workout that burns up to 900 calories per session.

The classes are held at Bounce Singapore, an indoor trampoline park at Orchard Cineleisure.

The low-impact and multi-level nature of the workout makes it ideal for all ages and fitness levels.

"A lot of the shock is absorbed when you bounce on the trampoline so the workout is not hard on the joints," said Bounce Fit instructor Izzat Ishamuddin, 26.

The trampoline absorbs up to 80 per cent of the impact.

While the exercises may be high intensity, modifications are available for those who find it challenging to keep up.

"If it's too difficult, you can always do it (the exercise) at a lower level, it really depends on your own fitness level," said Izzat.

Better stamina, toned muscles and a stronger core are some benefits of a Bounce Fit session.

"It's harder to do squats on the trampoline (than on the ground) because you need to maintain your balance too," said Izzat. "It makes your legs and core work harder."

The workout encourages periods of active rest, which means that participants will still be bouncing on the trampoline during "breaks". "You're moving constantly and that is why you're burning (calories) so much, it's good cardio," said Izzat.

A study by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration in the United States found that 10 minutes of rebounding torches the same amount of calories as a 33-minute run.

Sales and marketing executive Michelle Tan, who has attended multiple Bounce Fit sessions, said: "It's a fun and interactive way to clock in your workout and I feel that my stamina has improved over time.

"The class has a good mix of cardio and toning exercises. Best of all, it's done in a fully air-conditioned environment."

The build-up to the sixth instalment of this year's ST Run will feature a range of fitness and lifestyle activities geared towards getting participants ready.


Registration for Bounce Fit is open to all ST Run participants. The minimum age is four years old.

Successful registrants need only pay a $5 fee, which will go to the ST School Pocket Money Fund.

Visit to sign up for the Bounce Fit session in the Pre-run Activities & Workshops section under the Race Info tab.