Sports: Nanyang Poly students to get more support to juggle training and academics

SINGAPORE - Potential student-athletes from Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP)'s Diploma in Sport and Wellness Management programme can now look forward to a more structured support system to enable better juggling of training commitements and academics.

An agreement between the School of Business Management (SBM) and the Singapore Sports Institute (SSI) was signed on Wednesday to enable both parties to support carded student-athletes through the Sports Excellence (Spex) Education Scheme.

Carded athletes will be assigned staff mentors who will advise them on study plans, as well as arrange academic schedules with reference to training and competition schedules.

Staff mentors will also work closely with the SSI to conduct regular reviews on student-athletes' progress.

SSI's deputy director of athlete services and development Peggy Tng said: "We (SSI) will share with NYP friendly practices that we've been doing with other institutes of higher learning.

"These include semester deferring, alternative scheduling of tests, timetables and assignments to promote academic flexibility for these athletes."

Tng added: "This scheme also helps to put in place a more rigorous support system so that student-athletes can cope with the dual demands of pursuing their education whilst training and competing in high performance sports."

SBM also entered a partnership with FOX International Channels (FIC), where students from the Diploma in Mass Media Management programme will have the opportunity to train at FIC-operated facilities through internships and ad-hoc projects.

In addition, NYP's School of Interactive and Digital Media entered a partnership with Infinite Studios to provide internship and project opportunities for students from its Diplomas in Visual Effects, and Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design programmes.

The three partnerships were signed during the launch of NYP's new BodyWatch Gym and Media Studio on Wednesday.