SEA Games: Hot bods

Text and pictures by Mark Cheong

Samuel Chua, 20

Wakeboarder (Singapore)

Height: 1.68m Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen: I used to be a gymnast but I switched to wakeboarding about nine years ago. I practise wakeboarding three times a week, around an hour a session, and go to the gym twice a week. I focus on lower-body exercises which involve leg presses, but also train a little on my arms and abs. I occasionally play ultimate frisbee. I take a break during the weekends.

Diet: I don't specifically keep to a strict diet, but I like to eat a lot of red meat and protein-heavy food to feel energised.

Chayanisa Chomchuendee, 29

Pole vault gold medallist (Thailand)

Height: 1.71m Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen: I train almost every day. My sessions consist of a 21/2-hour morning routine and a 31/2-hour evening routine. I start each session with a run and occasionally do long jump and hurdles to help with my pole techniques. My training focuses on core and upper-body strength. I also involve myself in gymnastics once a week, in which I perform somersaults and do handstand walks.

Diet: I don't pay too much attention to my diet and have dessert, chocolates and snacks like any other ordinary person. However, I do take note of my beverage intake, making sure they have low sugar levels.

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