Scott Croxall wins crashed ice challenge

(REUTERS) - Canada's Scott Croxall overtook his brother Kyle at the top of the Ice Cross Downhill World Championship with an inspiring Red Bull Crashed Ice victory on Saturday (February 21).

The event happened in front of an enthusiastic Belfast crowd of 24,000 spectators watching a brilliant night of racing by iconic Parliament Buildings at Stormont.

The race was staged in a 430-metre race track, the fastest ever built, featuring a 5.5-metre high step-up with high punishing sets of bone-jarring jumps and bumps and a high-speed U-turn Wall Ride right before the finish line.

It was an all-Canada sweep with Dylan Moriarity taking second place and his twin brother Dean taking third -- all three athletes on the podium of Irish descent. Austria's Luca Dallago took fourth in an action-packed final.

Croxall celebrated in style after being without a win in 13 successive finals in his six-year career before winning the Helsinki round of the Ice Crashed tour two weeks ago.

"I don't even know what happened it hasn't sunk in yet. I got the hole shot and just was able to stay in first place the whole way down and I am holding this first place trophy now. So, I am really happy about that and I just want this to keep going - this is crazy," he said.

It was a bitter night for Scott's brother Kyle, who finished ninth after being eliminated in the quarter-final round and dropped from first to third in the championship with just two races left this year in Canada.

The final Riders Cup race, a new competition "by riders for riders" in which athletes can earn one-quarter as many Red Bull Crashed Ice points, will be in Sherbrooke, Quebec in Canada on March 7.

The Ice Cross Downhill World Championship season finale will crown its world champion at Red Bull Crashed Ice in Edmonton, Alberta, also inCanada, on March 14.

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