Saddle up for Taiwan Cycling Festival

Participants in the annual Taiwan 105m race King of Mountain Challenge.
Participants in the annual Taiwan 105m race King of Mountain Challenge.PHOTO: THE CHINA POST
Participants in the annual Taiwan 105km race King of Mountain Challenge.
Participants in the annual Taiwan 105km race King of Mountain Challenge. PHOTO: THE CHINA POST

TAIWAN (THE CHINA POST/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - The Taiwan 2016 King of the Mountain Challenge poses what is perhaps the most grueling challenge of the festival.

The 105km race features 87km of sheer uphill climbing. On Oct 28, only the toughest cyclists will be able to master the mountain.

With an event capacity of 600 participants, 300 domestic and 300 foreign professionals from all areas of the world can stake their claim atop Taiwan's famous Hehuan Mountain, said the organisers, the Tourism Bureau and the Taiwan Cyclist Federation.

The race begins at sea level from Hualien's Qixingtan and passes through the spectacular Taroko Gorge before climbing to Taiwan's highest passable road apex atop Route 14A to reach Wuling at an altitude of 3,275m.

Another challenge of this race is the change in temperature from 20 deg C to 30 deg C at the start of the race to 5 deg C to 10 deg C at the finish line.

Stunning views also await cyclists along this exceptional route, which is considered one of the greatest climbs anywhere in the world by many athletes, according to the organisers.

The Serious Amateur Test

From the amateur, yet passionate cyclist, the Formosa 900 invites you to circle Taiwan on a 900km-long, nine-day and eight-night journey.

You have two options - signing up individually for the race that takes place between Oct 22 and 30 or signing up through your company for the contest scheduled from Nov 5 to 13. 

Designed to allow cyclists to set their own pace and enjoy the scenery, the Formosa 900 - which integrates the hotel and food industries, local dining areas, and combined railway and bicycle routes - will award successful participants with official certificates upon completion.

Participants may travel alone or sign up to join a group, but all will experience the full range of Taiwan's culture as they pass the headquarters of Giant Bicycles, Xiluo Bridge, the Tropic of Cancer, Mudan Dam, Mr. Brown Avenue in Taitung and more, according to the organizers.

The Casual Ride

Meanwhile, the two-day Sun Moon Lake Bikeday is an event for those who want to boost their fitness, protect the planet and enjoy healthy family time.

Slated for Nov 12 to 13, the event is intended for bikers of all ability levels, meaning that children on tricycles or with training wheels are more than welcome to join in.

Participants young and old can follow routes that suit them, creating a welcoming and accommodating environment for all, the organisers stated.

Sun Moon Lake is already famous both at home and abroad for its breathtaking landscapes and wonderful bicycle paths.

Organisers will guide participants through the Family Route, which is less than 10km long; the 30km Lake Cycling Route or the 80km Self-Challenging Route. 

Also on Nov 12, the Children Sliding Car Contest will be held alongside bicycle exhibitions, performances and related activities.

The young and the young at heart will be able to experience the Hundred Knights Oh Bear Cosplay carnival on Nov 13, during which 50 groups of parents and children will wear costumes during their cycling adventures, the organisers said.