Runners frustrated by delay in results

Some air grievances online, two weeks after not getting 2XU Compression Run timings

A delay of two weeks in releasing race timings for the April 7 2XU Compression Run has left runners frustrated and disappointed, with some airing their grievances online.

The event was held at the F1 Pit Building and had three categories - 5km, 10km and 21.1km.

The results page on the event website states that "Results have been tabulated and will be posted here upon fulfilment of a contractual obligation by Key Power International."

The page also referred those with queries to Key Power, the local distributor for Australian sporting apparel brand 2XU.

On the run's Facebook page, a post dated April 12 informed participants that there "will be a delay" in publishing race timings, although no reasons were given.

The post stated: "Your timings and information are safe with us, they are not lost and will be published for sure in a matter of time."

Last Wednesday, event organiser Pink Apple said on its Facebook page that it "intended to provide some clarity on the situation".

It said: "We understand the frustration and disappointment of not being able to retrieve your race results, especially after months of training and the hard work put in to complete the race.

"However, we seek your kind understanding and patience as we continue to work out an amicable solution, with regards to the contractual payment obligations between our client, Key Power, and the respective service providers."

These statements appear to have done little to appease runners.

Civil servant Muhammad Sadikin, who ran the half-marathon, felt the delay reflects a lack of professionalism, and that the updates on the delay came too slow and lacked clarity.

"From what I understand, there's some dispute... but it's not nice to penalise paying runners (by preventing them from) knowing their own timing,"said the 27-year-old, who paid $70 in registration fees.

Steven Wong, who ran the 10km and has been a participant for more than five times, agreed.

The 64-year-old manager told The Sunday Times: "It doesn't matter for me, but there must be some light shed on the situation.

"For every runner, it's about the satisfaction of knowing their race time, especially for those who have achieved personal bests. If there's no official result, there's no keepsake for them to remember it by."

Disgruntled runners have also taken to the run's Facebook page to air their grievances.

One of them was Janet Loh, who wrote: "I have been very impressed with past 2XU Runs - the logistics, the communications. I even heard of overseas participants coming repeatedly to run the race because of previous pleasant experience (sic).

"So it's a surprise and big disappointment this happened. We can understand tech glitch (sic) but delay in communications and holding runners who paid for the race (i.e. your customers) hostage while you battle your 'contractual obligations' are unprofessional."

The run here has grown from 9,000 participants in 2011 to 30,000 in 2017.

ST has contacted Key Power International and Pink Apple for comment, but has not received replies from either at press time.

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