Rugby great Jonah Lomu dies at 40: 5 videos to see him in action

New Zealand's Jonah Lomu in action against Tonga in 1999. PHOTO: REUTERS

Jonah Lomu turned out to be one of the brightest sporting stars this planet has even seen, and on Monday morning (Nov 18), he died suddenly at his home in Auckland, New Zealand.

Just like that, the star was extinguished. New Zealand was in shock.

Like his bursting tries in rugby though, his story started out and ironically, ended this way too.

When they faced him, opponents have often felt as if they were being transported to the old Roman days of the fearsome gladiator.

At his peak, the 1.96 metre Lomu weighed 120kg and could cover 100 metres in 10.8 seconds. But kidney problems eventually cut short his international career.

Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, he was truly a great beyond the game of rugby.

What Ayrton Senna was to Formula One, what Zinedine Zidane was to football, what Tiger Woods was to golf, Lomu was like these other sporting greats in recent memory.

They transcended the sport they excelled in.

They became household names worldwide.

They were admired even by people who were not fans of their sport.

The true sports legends are these people who cut across barriers globally.

Words alone cannot describe the man.

Hence, here are videos of a true giant of rugby that will show you more of the great he was and the legacy he leaves.

Below, Lomu - the record try scorer for the Rugby World Cup.

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Below - Lomu talks about how the Rugby 7s game is crucial in a player's development, his own rise at the 1994 Hong Sevens, before he went on to stun the wider Rugby World Cup world in the late 1990s.

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Below, at the 1998 Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur, he won a gold medal representing New Zealand in the Sevens Rugby event.

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Lomu's story was also featured in a documentary Anger Within: Jonah Lomu, about the legend of the modern-day gladiator-like impact he had in the modern rugby game.

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Lomu goes back to where he exeperienced overnight fame, at the 1995 Rugby World Cup in South Africa, where the unsuspecting wider sports world was stunned by his performances.

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