Referees to crack down on cheats and fakers

LONDON • Rugby World Cup referees will send players who dive or feign injury to the sin-bin in a bid to prevent a "football culture".

World Cup disciplinary panel members, known as citing commissioners, could also issue special warnings for violence and faking injury, with a possible ban after three citations.

John Jeffrey, head of the Rugby World Cup match officials committee, said: "There is a culture creeping in. I call it the football culture of simulation, people appealing to referees, players - and it has happened a couple of times - diving."

The former Scottish international added: "That is going to be sanctioned very heavily... it is very, very important that we keep our values."

Jeffrey said players who try to pressure referees into decisions should receive a straight yellow card.

Citing commissioners will watch the game from touchlines using Hawk-Eye camera technology and can give warnings for offences that referees may not see.

After three warnings from the commissioners, or three yellow cards from referees, a player will go before a disciplinary hearing and can face a ban.

Jeffrey added that players who grab opponents around the neck in the ruck will face being sent off automatically.


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