Olympics: 3 most bizarre jobs at the Rio Games

Guides wearing ponchos with an arrow design at the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics.
Guides wearing ponchos with an arrow design at the Opening Ceremony of the Rio 2016 Olympics.PHOTO: EPA

The Internet has been abuzz over several jobs at the Rio 2016 Olympics that have been deemed bizarre or unnecessary by netizens.

We bring you our top three most bizarre jobs at the Rio Games, with some of them inspiring viral memes.

Pool lifeguard?

The photo of a lifeguard sitting by the pool during an Olympics swimming event at these Games went viral. Many joked about the need for a lifeguard when swimmers who have clocked thousands of hours in the pool, seem to be able to take care of themselves.

Others used the bored expression on the lifeguard's face to compare it with the feeling of Monday blues.

Motorised cyclist?

Fast-paced cycling like the keirin (Japanese for racing wheels) event have attracted extra attention from those watching the Games due to the presence of a cyclist who leads the rest on track initially. It is just that he doesn't represent any country, and is clearly not going for any gold.

The derny bike rider at Rio sets the pace at the cycling events using a derny, which is a motorised bicycle. He has become the inspiration for various memes. 

The derny bike rider helps pace the cyclists who are following behind him, and the cyclists will manoeuvre around each other, and jostle for medal position once he pulls off to the side.

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Dancing arrow?

During the opening ceremony of the Games on Aug 5, netizens noticed participants in brightly coloured ponchos with an arrow design. They lined the route of the athletes into the stadium, guiding them in.

This strange job caught the fancy of the Internet, with many lightheartedly poking fun at the job.


Others were not sold on the need for dancing arrows as guides.