New workout mixes yoga, dance, weights

Called Flight, it aids both muscle training and weight loss, and is set to electronic dance music

Flight yoga master trainer Katy Yoon leading Singapore's first instructor training course last Sunday.
Flight yoga master trainer Katy Yoon leading Singapore's first instructor training course last Sunday.ST PHOTO: JONATHAN CHOO

Beatfactory Fitness co-founder Ash Ali had always wanted to try yoga but thought it was too zen for him.

"Yoga is not effective for me because my mind is constantly active. I'll start thinking about food, thinking about work. My mind can never rest. I will just sleep in class," said the 35-year-old.

But, last Sunday, he participated in an hour-long Flight EDM yoga class, which he described as perfect for him.

Flight, founded by American fitness instructor Sydney Benner in 2016, combines dance, yoga and functional fitness, such as doing squats while carrying weights, with electronic dance music (EDM) in the background.

During the session, participants did dance, weights and yoga in intervals of about 10 minutes each.

Said Ali: "This is perfect because I like beats and I get to do yoga."


This is perfect because I like beats and I get to do yoga.

ASH ALI, Beatfactory Fitness co-founder, on Flight's inventive combination of dance, yoga and functional fitness with electronic dance music.

The class was part of a seven-hour long Flight instructor training course held in Singapore for the first time. Both were conducted by master trainer Katy Yoon.

Yoon, who has been conducting Flight classes since 2016, said Flight is appealing as it encompasses different types of exercises.

"Some people tell me that ordinary yoga is boring, others want to do muscle training but think it's boring to do by themselves," said South Korean Yoon, who has been a fitness instructor for over 16 years and teaches dance, Zumba and yoga.

"Here we put all those things in one session so I think this can satisfy everyone's workout goals."

Five people, including Ali, signed up for the instructor training course, which included a theory session and a study of the movements in detail.

Four more joined them for the Flight master class. Among them was Mary Goh, who attends yoga classes once a week.

"I've never perspired so much before, but I feel more energised and alert now," said the 67-year-old.

"This is a good change from normal yoga. The intensity is greater and, with the music, there's more motivation.

"It's good exercise for old people because you can do it at your own pace."

Ali wants to bring Flight to Beatfactory Fitness because it appeals to the masses. He added that it would take at least two more months to develop the programme.

"We have to start somewhere in Singapore, especially now that the market is saturated. This is like HIIT (high-intensity interval training), which is the fastest way to lose weight, so it's suitable for any age group," he said.

"Some people might be bored of mainstream programmes and want to try something new. They may think yoga is too boring and dance is too intense so this is perfect."

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