Muay thai: Singapore fighter Terrence Teo scores upset win in debut professional fight

JOHOR BARU - Singaporean muay thai exponent Terrence Teo scored an upset knockout win over Malaysia's Hafiz Kuda in his first professional bout at the Johor Open Pro Muay Thai Championships in Pasir Gudang yesterday.

The 24-year-old from Juggernaut Fight Club was facing an experience opponent who has already 30 pro fights in five years, and even suffered a popped shoulder in the opening round.

Teo said: "I told myself that a fight is never over until the last bell is rung, and I also told myself that a one-handed man can still win the fight."

So he decided to let it all out in the second round, using a flurry of powerful kicks to knock his opponent over before going in for the kill with a forceful uppercut, resulting in a knockout.

The victory marked a remarkable journey for Teo, who joined Juggernaut Fight Club in May after national service, and dropped from 95kg to 68kg for health reasons.

Said his coach Arvind Lalwani: "He kept his composure and did not let the pressure get to him and that was what led him to the win."