Local kickboxer Terrence Teo appeals for funds for injured stray dog

Kickboxer Terrence Teo with the black dog he found limping on the road.
Kickboxer Terrence Teo with the black dog he found limping on the road. PHOTO: FACEBOOK/TERRENCE TEO

SINGAPORE - Kickboxer Terrence Teo displayed his softer side this week when he took a stray dog to the vet.

On Wednesday night, he was on his way to a religious event when he saw a black dog limping along Block 5, Defu Lane.

The 26-year-old then took the dog to a vet at Block 37, where a scan revealed that the animal was suspected to be suffering from bone cancer.

Teo is planning to take the dog, a mongrel, to visit a surgeon in the coming week, before he flies to Melbourne on Friday to compete at the Arnold Classic Australia.

Teo, a self-professed dog lover who owns a Jack Russell, said: "The dog was extremely skinny to the bones. I don't want to see the dog suffering like that."

He is now raising funds to cover the treatment cost for the dog. He has already forked out more than $300 following two vet visits.

So far, through Facebook posts, he has raised about $200 and he hopes to raise $3,500 for the upcoming visits to the surgeon.

He also intends to dig into his pockets to find a shelter for the dog.

Teo said: "It's a stressful and uneasy time for me, because I don't know the diagnosis of what's wrong with the dog yet.

"I've got a fight coming up too so I've got to manage my time well.

"It's saving a life, I'll do everything I can to save it."

Those who are interested to donate can contact Terrence directly at terrenceteo91@gmail.com.