IOC presidency: Don't diminish Bach's role in win, says alleged "kingmaker" Sheikh Ahmad

International Olympic Committee (IOC) member from Kuwait Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah said that new IOC president Thomas Bach deserves all the credit for a well-run campaign.

Sheikh Ahmad, dubbed by IOC watchers and media as "kingmaker" for his open support of Bach, had been reprimanded by the IOC for violating a rule which prevented the public support of a presidential candidate.

When asked about his role in the outcome of the presidential race, Sheikh Ahmad quipped: "I must thank the media for making me into a hero."

Downplaying his influence on the race, he said: "We know that when there is a campaign, there are stories, rumours. We understand these things, positive or negative. But in the end, the result answers the questions to what is going on."

"Do not diminish Bach's capabilities. He was an athlete, a gold medallist, was in the IOC before me, was on the Executive Board and is the president of the biggest National Olympic Committee in Europe. He's been working for this position for a long, long time."

Commenting on Singapore's Ng Ser Miang, one of the six candidates Bach defeated in the presidential race, Sheikh Ahmad that Ng was still continue to be a main player in the IOC.

He said: "He's one of the most respected, most accepted people in Asia and the IOC and we always support him to represent us."