Stephen Ng Guo Ming

Fitness instructor

Height: 1.70m Weight: 69kg

Exercise regimen: Since young I've always been fascinated by human feats of strength in powerlifting. Now, I work out in the gym six times a week, training compound exercises like bench press, squat and deadlift. I would also work on isolation exercises like dumbbells and machines to build the smaller muscle groups. For cardio, I do interval or distance running once a week.

Diet: I take lots of carbs before training and meat after training. I try to avoid oily food and prefer to drink plain water instead of sugary drinks. I take one scoop of protein shake every day after training.

Kelyn Lau

Graphic designer

Height: 1.63m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I started going to the gym more frequently four months ago to build more muscles. Hitting it twice a week, doing compound exercises like squat, deadlift, bench press followed by isolation exercises. It is compound exercises that makes me love weights. Not only that they are able to hit more muscle groups, burn more fats but getting new PR feels really good. I also cardio three times a week, doing HIIT, swimming, cycling and running.

Diet: I have always been underweight but eating right has helped me gain weight the right way. I try to keep my diet clean but sustainable. Less oil, salt, sugar and also minimal fried food. I eat mostly steamed chicken breast, salmon, broccoli, egg, sweet potato, wholemeal bread and oat. One cheat-meal for me every week.

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