Text and pictures by Kevin Lim

Masato Itabashi, 38
Volleyball coach
Height: 1.8m Weight: 70kg
Exercise regimen: I do weight training four times a week, two hours per session. I focus on my core, and training includes planking and flexing and about 500 sit-ups, and I don't do much cardio. I also play beach volleyball competitively.
Diet: I have no diet restrictions. I get my protein from beef, chicken and pork but I don't like fish. I like vegetables - especially broccoli, because it contains protein and makes me feel full, and I usually have it after training. I also eat two to three eggs a day. I indulge in a cup of ice-cold beer from time to time.

Yip Wai Man, 29
Volleyball coach
Height: 1.64m Weight: 51kg
Exercise regimen: I am a mother of two, so I have to juggle my time between keeping fit and taking care of them. Besides running after my kids, I also run three to five times a week, clocking about five to 15 km each time. After my runs, I swim about 10 laps for recovery. I play beach volleyball every Sunday with a group of friends.
Diet: I start my day with a cup of warm water, and drink about 3.2 litres of water daily. For brunch, I usually eat yong tau foo. Dinner usually consists of chicken, vegetables and a bowl of rice. I enjoy a cup of avocado juice after my runs. Once in a while, I indulge in a can of Coke.
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