Hot Bods: Vanessa Wang, 41 Maths tutor

Vanessa Wang and Calvin Ng.
Vanessa Wang and Calvin Ng.ST PHOTOS: JONATHAN CHOO

Vanessa Wang, 41 Maths tutor

Height: 1.58m Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: I work out at least four times a week. It's usually a workout at home or a jog at a park. My favourite sport is basketball.

Diet: I control my carbohydrate intake. I usually eat vegetables, fruits, a little rice and some chicken and pork. I rarely indulge in junk food; no sugary food or beverages. I am a mother of three, aged 13, 10 and 7. I believe age does not prevent one from looking good. It's about exercising and controlling your diet.

Calvin Ng, 42 Online business builder

Height: 1.74m Weight: 58kg

Exercise regimen: I run at least three times a week, averaging 5km per run. I also do metabolic conditioning (metcon) training two to three times a week, using clubbells and body weight. I conduct classes in jump rope, general gymnastics and taekwondo weekly. I also conduct lessons and train with trainees during their bi-weekly workout sessions on TACFIT and SPARTAN SGX.

Diet: My diet is flexible, with a focus on low GI impact eating plus responsible supplementation. I believe it is OK to indulge in some junk food, as long as you exercise caution.

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