Hot Bods: Tan Wei Sheng, 38 Dermatologist

Text and pictures by Neo Xiaobin

Tan Wei Sheng, 38 Dermatologist

Height: 1.78m Weight: 79kg

Exercise regimen: I work out for an hour in the gym four times a week, three of them with a trainer. My focus is on strength training and bulking up. One session I will focus on the chest, the next on my back, then the legs and so on. I also run 3-4km twice a week.

Diet: I try to eat five meals a day starting with six eggs in the morning and coffee. For lunch and dinner, I usually eat protein-heavy meals and snack on protein bars and chicken salads. I like all kinds of vegetables and try for a daily serving of fruit, usually after dinner. For supper, I will have chicken breast. I love desserts and sweet foods and have cheat meals once or twice a week.

Melody Chong, 41 Occupation: PR consultant

Height: 1.59m Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: I work out almost every day for at least an hour. I like a balance of high-intensity interval training, strength resistance training and muscle recovery exercises. I do circuit training and run at least twice a week at a gym or outdoors. The rest of the days I enjoy a mix of yoga, core and barre sculpting. Besides the faster flow of vinyasa yoga, I also go for yin yoga.

Diet: I am a pescatarian by personal choice and gluten intolerant by body choice, so I have a plant-based diet with fish and seafood occasionally. I believe in the 80-20 rule where I am allowed to indulge in local favourites or desserts. I bring a bottle wherever I go. I drink lots of water in the morning and before meals to avoid getting overly hungry.

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