Hot Bods: Rayner Hoe, 22 Undergraduate

Text and pictures by Desmond Foo

Rayner Hoe, 22 Undergraduate

Height: 1.82mm Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: I workout five to seven times a week, mainly weight training that is geared towards hypertrophy. My focus now is on bodybuilding as a sport and I aspire to be a men's physique athlete one day.

Diet: I try to eat five meals a day of high protein and carbs, and keep my fat intake low. I don't track my diet very strictly, but I always ask for less sauce and oil when eating out. I avoid alcohol and deep fried food, but I love char siew and chicken rice, sushi and burrito bowls.

Tanya Dominique Goh, 20 Student

Height: 1.63m Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: I lift weights in the gym six or seven days a week, as I am now mainly into bodybuilding. I practised competitive wushu on both the national and international level from the age of 10 until after junior college. I also did athletics in my first year of university.

Diet: I try to count my macronutrients daily so my diet is actually quite flexible. I try to fit the food I like, but of course I do cheat meals every now and then. To me, it is all about striking a balance. I don't drink alcohol or eat much deep fried food, mainly because I don't fancy them. My favourites are white chocolate, bread, waffles, pastries, beef and sashimi.

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