Hot Bods: Muhammad Sufyan Sani, 27 Claims executive

Text and pictures by Ong Wee Jin

Muhammad Sufyan Sani, 27 Claims executive

Height: 1.78m Weight: 74kg

Exercise regimen: On weekdays, my exercise routine consists of treadmill running for 15 minutes, followed by weight training targeting different parts. On weekends, it is a total body workout. I exercise four times a week for two hours each session.

Diet: I have coffee before going to the gym and take protein supplements for recovery. I avoid fast food but allow myself a monthly exception and ask for corn instead of fries. My proteins come from boiled eggs and chicken; for carbohydrates, I substitute rice with sweet potato. I have more than eight cups of water a day.

Nui Palida, 39 Housewife

Height: 1.60m Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise at home with my five-year-old daughter. We watch and follow YouTube cardio exercises together. Each session lasts about an hour and we do this four to five times a week. Carrying my daughter when we go out for walks is also exercise for me. She weighs about 13kg.

Diet: I like vegetables, especially papaya salad, and have it about three to four times a week. I have a vegetarian diet every Tuesday. I prefer noodles to rice and avoid oily food and curry.

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