Hot Bods: Luqman Rahmad, 27 Fitness coach

Text and pictures by Kelvin Chng

Luqman Rahmad, 27 Fitness coach

Height: 1.68m Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: Three to four times a week, I do resistance training involving total body splits. I focus more on compound exercises which target the whole body - vertical presses and pulls one day and horizontal presses and pulls on another day. I usually add leg work, such as squats and dead lifts, at the end of a workout. I play football regularly on weekends and try to squeeze in short runs of 2-4km every week.

Diet: I eat practically anything to fuel me up for the day and I am not strict on diet. If I'm going to be active for the next four to six hours, I would generally get more carbs in first. I never skip breakfast and would always make sure there is nutritional balance in my meals.

Niki Kau, 20 Undergraduate

Height: 1.64m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: I like doing a mix of activities and rotate among them during the week. Some of these include boxing, Pilates and weight training. As I think it is important to vary the type of workouts done, I usually have alternate days of high-intensity training and functional training. Rest days are definitely key too, as over-training can do more harm than good.

Diet: I don't have a strict regime when it comes to my diet but everything in moderation is important, of course. Generally, I try to cut down on the amount of sugar I take and aim to get a meal that is high in protein shortly after a workout. I really love my rice and pasta, so cutting down on carbs has never been a priority of mine. Some favourites are scrambled eggs, chicken done in all sorts of ways and steak.

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