Hot Bods: Jasper Wong, 28 Civil servant

Text and pictures by Kelvin Chng

Jasper Wong, 28 Civil servant

Height: 1.68m Weight: 62kg

Exercise regimen: I do weight training at the gym four or five times a week, and that includes high-intensity interval training when I'm trying to lose the extra flab. I used to split by body parts, but have since moved to "pushing" or "pulling" days to focus on a few parts. Each workout session lasts about an hour.

Diet: I try to consume less carbs and do so only around my workouts. I can't do without eggs and lean meat. I generally avoid food with simple and refined sugar, and stick to natural foods. I love my vegetables and will try to include them in every meal.

Michelle Verma,31 Sport performance architect

Height: 1.61m Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: I usually do a run and/or swim intervals twice a week. One long session of a run and row continuous circuits, and one strength and conditioning session. I squeeze in a long run on Sunday, depending on how my body handles the weekday sessions. I used to do ultra-marathons, Ironman triathlons and was also a national rower for a short while, so I love the endurance training.

Diet: I am hopeless with my diets as I am a big foodie. However, if I were to cook at home, I try without using oil or butter. I have a weakness for coffee and beer, but I am sure my workout offsets the calories.

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