Hot Bods: Jason Nah, 42 Health coach

Text and pictures by Desmond Wee

Jason Nah, 42 Health coach

Height: 1.78m Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: As I play a number of sports that require elevated movement, I train three times a week in varied full-body workouts mainly comprising loaded movement training with a ViPR, free weights, sandbells or a landmine done in a high intensity steady state (HISS) of high intensity interval training (HIIT) format. I supplement it with a 5x5 strength training programme. Besides working out, I also surf and play soccer.

Diet: I fast intermittently for my diet by drinking a lot of water, skipping breakfast and eating a late lunch followed by an early dinner. In between my eating window, I consume balanced meals favouring a more ketogenic approach with healthy fats, lower in carbs but high in protein and fibre. I stay away from sugar and refined carbohydrates.

Jane Kow, 49 Financial services consultant

Height: 1.64m Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: I work out up to five times a week, including road running two to three times a week, covering 6-8km each time. I also go for spin class twice a week and strength training at the gym. Each workout ends with 45 minutes of yoga stretching.

Diet: I do not follow a strict diet. My emphasis is on moderation. I watch my intake of carbohydrates. I don't have soft drinks and I drink plenty of water. I have vegetables and fruits every day.

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