Hot Bods: Gerald Tan, 33

From left: Gerald Tan and Mishel Teo
From left: Gerald Tan and Mishel Teo Pictures by Desmond Foo

Gerald Tan, 33 Lawyer

Height: 1.66m Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen: As my working days are often stretched and unpredictable, I hit the gym before work starts. I try to adhere to a 70:30 spilt between weight training and cardio. A weight training session typically involves 45-60 minutes of supersets with less than a minute of rest between sets, and involves one to two muscle groups. I indulge in kayaking from time to time, mountain biking, and rock-climbing with friends. I sometimes hit the pavement with my running gear and I also swim.

Diet: My diet is low-carb with a good dose of fat. From experience, this helps me optimise my energy release, regulate my body fat, and more importantly makes me feel energetic through the afternoons. Eggs, peanut butter and red meat are staples.

Mishel Teo, 24 Registered nurse

Height: 1.64m Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: I do my workouts mainly after I'm done with work. When I'm too tired after the night shift, I do a quick five-to 10-minute workout in the hospital gym. I recently started high intensity interval training, doing box jumps followed by stationary high knee raise and sprints . I like to play golf because it is a game that requires a person to be strong both physically and mentally, and I think that makes the game interesting.

Diet: My diet alternates between chicken, salmon and beef if I am cooking for myself. When sleep is more important, I usually pack an omnivorous meal or sushi. When choices are really limited, chicken rice is my last resort. I avoid food from hawker stalls, especially economy rice, because most of the food is prepared early in the day. My favourite food - my mother's cooking, and Malaysian street food (Ramly burger, lok lok, chee cheong fun and Nonya kueh).

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