Hot Bods: David Toh, 24 Undergraduate

David Toh, 24, and Lynette Chua, 22.
David Toh, 24, and Lynette Chua, 22. PHOTO: LEE JIA WEN

David Toh, 24 Undergraduate

Height: 1.85m Weight: 75kg

Exercise regimen: Before national service, I weighed close to 100kg. One day, I decided I was tired of being fat, and began an intense journey of exercise and heavy dieting. I lost almost 30kg. Now, I exercise four to five times a week. My routine consists of a 3-5km run followed by static exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, squats and curls and various core exercises. Going to a gym is preferable, but I do not always have access to one. Thankfully, I have a pull-up bar and dumb-bells at home to facilitate my training. Sometimes I forgo the run, especially if I'm short on time.

Diet: I pretty much eat whatever I want, although I do skimp on carbs when I can. Fortunately, I'm not a big snacker nor do I appreciate sweet drinks. Occasionally, if I feel like I've been getting soft around the edges I go on a "cleanse" for a few days and restrict myself to 600kcal per day until I'm back in shape.

Lynette Chua, 22 Undergraduate

Height: 1.76m Weight: 59kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise at least five times a week. My exercise regimen is typically intervals on the treadmill followed by strength training. However, on some days, I opt for a short HIIT workout or a comfortable 4km jog. Occasionally, I play tennis with my family and go for hikes at MacRitchie with my mother.

Diet: I don't have a strict diet because I love my chocolates! However, I try my best to eat minimal carbs. It helps that I don't have sweet drinks, and I never had the habit of eating supper. My staples are eggs, fruits, salad and fish soup. I enjoy making my own salads as much as a good bowl of ramen. Occasionally, I treat myself to an acai bowl.

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