Hot Bods: Darwin Ramirez, 23 Fire and rescue officer

Text and pictures by Syamil Sapari

Darwin Ramirez, 23 Fire and rescue officer

Height: 1.66m Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I do weight training three to five days a week, run about 3-5km every three days and play various sports like basketball, badminton and rugby on weekends. Weight training consists of a push-pull-legs split for three days, followed by upper and lower body accessory exercises on days 4 and 5. This helps me keep my proportions while maintaining optimal performance in sports.

Diet: Rice and noodles are my main sources of carbohydrates, with beef, chicken and fish as my main sources of protein and fat. I also include a serving of various vegetables in every meal and drink at least 4 litres of water every day. This way, I get enough vitamins and minerals to keep my body healthy and strengthen my immune system. I enjoy good food but I don't indulge, and I avoid sweet drinks as much as I can.

Nariko Lim, 27 Dance and barre instructor

Height: 1.62m Weight: 49kg

Exercise regimen: When I'm not teaching, I like to take yoga and dance classes to work on my own fitness. I especially enjoy trying new things to challenge myself and switch things up every once in a while. My typical routine consists of a good mix of strengthening and flexibility exercises for maximum results.

Diet: I just try to eat as healthily as I can but still indulge in snacks and desserts from time to time. My general rule is not to have fast food or sugary drinks. It's all about taking it easy and staying consistent.

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