Hot Bods: Bryan Losloso, 30 Technology associate

Text and pictures by Kevin Lim

Bryan Losloso, 30 Technology associate

Height: 1.72m Weight: 66kg

Exercise regimen: I train every day except on Friday. I hit the gym from Monday to Thursday, about 1.5 hours each time doing strength training, following the push/pull muscle group routine. My cardio training is mostly on weekends, with dragonboat training and Crossfit, at least two hours each time.

Diet: Weekdays are my strict diet days, when I avoid fried foods and have only salads and proteins. Weekends are my cheat days. My weakness is Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Therapy, but I am still careful with fried food and heavy carbohydrates.

Elizabeth Chua, 26 Relationship manager

Height: 1.59m Weight: 56kg

Exercise regimen: To prepare for the DBS Marina Regatta, I have dragonboat training at least four days a week: Crossfit and strength training on Monday and Wednesday, dragonboat paddling on Saturday and Sunday. On other days, I either go for a run (less than 10km) or do light static exercises like core-stretching and pilates. I also play social touch rugby weekly. During the off-peak season, I hit the gym on alternate days.

Diet: Breakfast is hard-boiled eggs and multi-grain bread. I don't believe in cutting carbohydrates entirely. For lunch and dinner, I have a good balanced meal consisting of complex carbs (brown rice/ whole grain/ sweet potato), proteins (chicken or pork) and vegetables. Once in a while, I indulge in my favourite dessert - ice cream, but in moderation.

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