Hot Bods: Abel Marcus Koh, 31 Trader

Text and pictures by Ng Sor Luan

Abel Marcus Koh, 31 Trader

Height: 1.81m Weight: 78kg

Exercise regimen: I attend boxing fitness classes thrice a week - a combination of boxing and strength training (including push-ups, sit-ups and squats). I do yoga every other week.

Diet: For breakfast I have two slices of wholemeal bread and three sunny-side eggs, a cup of coffee or a bowl of oats. For lunch, it's usually yong tau foo, chicken rice, ban mian or grain bowls. Dinner can be rice, soup, pasta or steaks. I don't avoid any particular food but just eat everything in moderation. I occasionally indulge in wine, burgers and steaks.

Emily Tan, 27 Lawyer

Height: 1.7m Weight: 54kg

Exercise regimen: Because I eat quite a lot, I try to work out four to five times a week; two sessions of boxing, one of jogging or yoga and one of weights at the gym or at my physiotherapy class that focuses on alignment.

Diet: Breakfast is toast and a teh-C or oat porridge with a skinny flat white. Lunch is usually a protein salad with a complex carb or sandwich. I may eat snacks like greek yogurt with granola, dark chocolate, nuts or peanut butter waffle. Dinner may be salad, a chirashi bowl or grandma's home-cooked food. I indulge in less healthy food on weekends and I love sweet stuff.

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