Hot Bods

Text and pictures by Kevin Lim

Adolphus Lee, 32
1.73m Weight: 64kg

Exercise regimen: I train three times a week at classes or I do my own personal training, which usually involves Tabata or weightlifting. I also do Brazilian jiu-jitsu and Olympic lifting. If I'm looking to torch some fats I select four to five exercises for the Tabata workout. I usually go for GHD ab workouts, push-ups, assault bike and the rower. This helps build on my cardio and gets the body perspiring.

Diet: I don't have a restriction on my diet because I believe in moderation for all types of food. A typical breakfast for me is cereal, which I mix with soy milk followed by nuts or fruits. I can't do without my protein shake. I'm usually rushing off for another round of training, so I squeeze in a bowl of acai in between. It is loaded with antioxidants, healthy fats and electrolytes.


Marie Choo, 40
Dog behaviourist and trainer/ part-time lecturer
1.67m Weight: 55kg

Exercise regimen: I run four to five times a week, and the average distance per run is 10km but I include a long run of more than 21km. Strength training involves sessions of Core360 and PT sessions. I swim four times a week, averaging 500m to 1km. Cycling is 20-30km per ride, three times a week. I am currently training for the Berlin Marathon and the Ironman 70.3.

Diet: Breakfast is usually rolled oats soaked in organic soy milk overnight and topped with diced apples, bananas or dried white mulberries. Otherwise, homemade granola with organic soy milk. If I have more time, I have avocado on toast with roasted tomatoes on the side. If I am rushing, I just have a banana. Lunch or dinner usually revolve around a salad with tofu or quinoa. I try to adopt a plant-based diet as much possible as I am trying to be vegan. I try to be creative to ensure I eat enough to fuel myself and to aid with recovery.

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