Hot Bods

(Left) Hilmi Hayan. (Right) Eugenia Lim
(Left) Hilmi Hayan. (Right) Eugenia LimPHOTOS: KUA CHEE SIONG

Hilmi Hayan, 23

Army regular serviceman

Height: 1.69m Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I spend my mornings running up to 4km with my colleagues, and I do CrossFit in the gym in the afternoons. My regimen is a balance of muscle strength and endurance, and cardiovascular endurance.

Diet: I have been a vegan for a year, and I'm still going strong with no form of nutritional deficiencies. I maintain this lifestyle while upholding my values of having compassion for animals - being thoughtful of how my food sources affect the environment. This is with the aim of having a healthy mind and body.

Eugenia Lim, 25


Height: 1.7m Weight: 57kg

Exercise regimen: Keeping myself active is important to me especially as I work night shifts. It helps me regulate my sleep cycle. My workouts are short - 3km runs three times a week. Meeting a friend for a run helps keep to that commitment. Occasionally I'll mix it up with yoga, high-intensity interval training or rock climbing. I take my dogs out for daily walks too.

Diet: Nothing is off limits but all in good moderation. I eat small but frequent meals throughout the day to avoid feeling sluggish. Oats and milk kefir are my breakfast must-haves on busy work days.

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