Hot Bods

Seet Rui Feng, 30
Procurement analyst

Height: 1.64m

Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen: I do short-distance repetition running and I am an obstacle-course racer. I train 16 to 20 times a week, with key sessions being track work, hill sprints, weightlifting and obstacle-course race training. During the season, I join my team, the Lion City Spartans, for obstacle-course training every Sunday.

Diet: I try to avoid processed foods. I typically start the day with overnight oats, muesli and milk. Lunch is light, consisting of just fruits and dairy, as I usually run during that time. My main meal is a self-cooked dinner, which comprises lean protein such as chicken breast and a lot of greens. I tend to snack on nuts, fruits and dairy throughout the day during weekends, when training is more intensive. I do occasionally indulge when I'm out with friends and I love peanut butter.

Natalie Dau, 45
Health & fitness entrepreneur

Height: 1.65m

Weight: 59kg

Exercise regimen: I stay consistent and make adjustments closer to a race. I run five days a week and the sessions include a mix of hill, speed and endurance runs. I do CrossFit thrice a week for strength and more high-intensity workouts. My mobility always needs improving so I work with a trainer on this twice a week. I also try to squeeze in a calisthenics session and also some accessory work around obstacles. As such, I frequently do two sessions a day whenever possible.

Diet: I follow intermittent fasting which for me is 16 hours of fasting (4pm to 8am) and then I eat for 8 hours between 8am to 4pm. I try to maintain a clean diet consisting of fresh and preservative-free food, and stick to a low-carbohydrate approach. This seems to work for me and it does not impact my energy levels for training. I do indulge in a treat meal during weekends which can be anything from kaya toast to a hamburger.

Text and pictures by Desmond Wee

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