Hot Bods

Nelson Tay, 28
Financial consultant

Height: 1.7m Weight: 63kg

Exercise regimen: I do high-intensity training three times a week through CrossFit. I get bored easily when it comes to fitness, but CrossFit gives me a good, balanced workout with a wide variety of drills. Occasionally I do a 10km trail run at a nature reserve to get some peace and cardio training at the same time.

Diet: Daily breakfast is four soft-boiled eggs. I snack on junk food a lot and I do not eat clean at all. My weight has always been in the healthy range because I stop eating when I am 70 per cent full.

Chen Simin, 28
Web designer

Height: 1.5m Weight: 44kg

Exercise regimen: My workout generally consists of cardiovascular training and weightlifting. I go to the gym on alternate days (Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays) and do light stretching before doing cardiovascular exercises such as jumps and short sprints. These are followed by weightlifting, which a trainer helps me with. On non-gym days, I practise stunts for cheerleading competitions.

Diet: If I am competing, I adhere strictly to the diet my trainer designs for me. Meals then will generally consist of chicken, fish, eggs, sweet potatoes and greens. I do indulge on occasions during this time period, though. My diet is less stringent when I am not competing. I generally have five meals a day just to keep my metabolism in check.

Text and pictures by Ng Sor Luan

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