Hot Bods

Text and pictures by Alphonsus Chern

Reuben Teng Han, 22
Law undergraduate

Height: 1.8m Weight: 70kg

Exercise regimen: I work out in the gym four times a week, and each day I choose two body parts to work on. I always do abs exercises which include 30 sets of four ab rollers and 50 ab twists at the end of each session. I also enjoy all sorts of sports, including frisbee and taekwondo.

Diet: My main source of protein comes from chicken breast. I consume a reasonable amount of vegetables and a healthy portion of carbohydrates in each meal. I do not have a sweet tooth and I avoid high-sugar content food such as sweets, chocolates and soft drinks. I love all kinds of meat and fruits.

Nicole Low Wen Qi, 20
Business undergraduate

Height: 1.66m Weight: 52kg

Exercise regimen: I work on my stability and core muscles in the gym regularly, with crunches and sit-ups. My cardio includes running and dancing at least twice a week. I also play badminton and netball recreationally on the weekends.

Diet: My protein comes mainly from chicken breast. I love vegetables as well and I eat almost all kinds of greens. I do not avoid any food in particular, but I try to eat everything in moderation. Also, I love all kinds of bread.

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