Hot Bods

Glen Liang, 29
Physical education teacher

Height: 1.68m Weight: 60kg

Exercise regimen: I do weight training at the gym once or twice a week. I also cycle almost every day - commuting to work or to various places for my other sporting activities like basketball and mixed netball. On alternate days, I do crunches such as side and reverse crunches at home. I believe in creating your own exercise routine that caters to your specific fitness goals.

Diet: I consume a moderately-high protein and low carbohydrate diet that consists of meat, eggs, vegetables and rice. I also have desserts but only on weekends. My favourite flavours are durian and chocolate. On days that I go to the gym, I consume creatine and protein before my workouts.

Gena Phua, 24

Height: 1.54m Weight: 48kg

Exercise regimen: Due to the nature of my job, I have active instead of passive rest days. I work out in the mornings every day of the week. I alternate between strength training (four days a week) and running outdoors (three). On each strength training day, I work on different muscle parts such as shoulders, chest, back and legs, including a power snatch. On Saturdays, besides my usual morning workout, I also practise yoga in the afternoon as it helps to lengthen and loosen my tense muscles from my daily workouts.

Diet: For breakfast, I have two eggs along with either nut butter on wholemeal bread or oatmeal with a banana. Lunch and dinner consist of mainly chicken breast or salmon with complex carbohydrates and greens. I believe in having a balanced diet and will always have greens with my meals, even when I have my cheat meals over the weekends.

Text and pictures by Joyce Fang

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