Hot Bods

Raghav Katyal, 23

Height: 1.75m Weight: 68kg

Exercise regimen: I weight-train about five days a week, focusing on one or two muscle groups per day. I also play sports, mainly football, to increase my cardiovascular health. I assess my body for weak points and give priority to weaker areas to prevent imbalance and injury. I rest when my body signals for it.

Diet: I eat a high-protein diet on most days, consisting mainly of chicken and eggs. Potatoes, rice and oats are my carbohydrate sources, and I eat nuts for some fats. I also have green vegetables and fruit. I do dine out quite often and allow for a higher carbohydrate consumption on these days. Once a week, I treat myself to whatever I'm craving, usually pizzas.

Abigail Chung, 23

Height: 1.65m Weight: 51kg

Exercise regimen: Dance is my workout of choice, but I am game for anything with music. I used to do ballet and modern dance, but now I'm trying out street jazz and pole dancing. Light-weight training is a great supplement to dance, but I spend as much time lifting as I do stretching when I'm at the gym. I also do yoga.

Diet: I love eating at home because my mother is a great cook. That means less oil and salt. She also juices fresh fruit like apples, oranges and pears for the family in the morning. My guilty pleasure is ice cream, and I generally don't hold myself back when I crave one, but to maintain a healthy weight (and waistline), I never drink alcohol and don't snack on chips or candy.

Text and pictures by Kua Chee Siong

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